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About Not Fade Away

Earth shielded his secrets–
Until her love unlocked his heart.

Rescue agent Rafe Gordon is human, though Earth has never been his home. But when his legendary father Del becomes the target of alien assassins, Rafe must hide the dementia-debilitated hero in the small mountain town where the old man was born—Masey, North Carolina, USA, Earth.

Home care nurse Charlie McIntyre and her therapy dog, Happy, have never had such challenging clients before. Del’s otherworldly “episodes” are not explained by his diagnosis, making Charlie question everything about her mysterious charge and his dangerously attractive son. Rafe has the answers she needs, but Charlie will have to break through his wall of secrets to get them.

As the heat rises between Charlie and Rafe, the deadly alien hunters circle closer. The light they seek to extinguish flickers in the gloom of Del’s fading mind—the memory of a planet-killer that threatens to enslave the galaxy.


Review of Not Fade Away

The Interstellar Rescue Series is a favorite of mine. Each story not only stands alone, but is unique in plot and style which enables me to enjoy each one without knowing where the story line is going before I even start. There are characters in Not Fade Away from other books, so I had the advantage of having already met them, but you don’t have to read the previous books to appreciate this new one.

Rafe, the hero of Not Fade Away is human, but has never been to Earth until now. This makes for some uncomfortable situations for Rafe. You see, Rafe did not do his homework before coming to Earth and now he is at a loss to understand much of the culture in the U.S. including things like pizza and dating. It falls to Charlie to explain such things to the ‘Canadian’, making for many humorous situations.

Maybe the humor made the romance develop faster than I realized. In other words, one minute Charlie and Rafe were secretly admiring each other, and the next they were having secret serious commitment thoughts about each other. It is not that I minded. It is just that I felt I missed something in the romance. In the end, Charlie and Rafe make a great couple to cheer for. Charlie puts up with Rafe’s idiosyncrasies and Rafe admires Charlie’s strength.

Of course, I may have missed out on some of the romance because I was caught up in the rest of the story. I really liked how Del’s story is told through flashbacks to his time as a slave toiling away at a big project the Grays were attempting to engineer. The flashbacks added really important details to the story, filling in Del’s history, explaining his present state of mind and setting up the present day challenge. To put it simply, Del’s flashbacks tell the story of the birth of the big bad AI. Hence, the present day challenge.

Not only is there an alien AI, but there is a not so huge, but really nasty, psychotic bad guy (Zouk) that is on the hunt for Del. At the beginning, he has absolutely no idea where Del is, but his intelligence and total lack of morals gets him the info that he believes will allow him to track his prey. Zouk is the kind of villain I love to hate. But he is a really ‘good’ bad guy!

I can’t talk about this story with mentioning Happy. Yes, I was happy to read the book but I am talking about a dog named Happy. This loving pup worms his way into everybody’s heart. Well, maybe not everybody, but at least the important people. Happy is just one more reason to read this book!

Not Fade Away has a flashbacks, being hunted, hunting, good aliens, bad aliens, rescue, romance, Earthlings, homecoming to Earth, and pizza. The constant action overlays the understated, but crucial romance between the heroine and hero. When you read Not Fade Away, look for alien history, thrills, lovin’ and an epic showdown between a really villainous alien and the good guys. Not Fade Away is highly recommended!

I received a copy of this book from the author so that I could bring you this honest review.



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