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About Perchance to Dream

About to embark on a major move with her husband, Emma can’t think about anything but her dreams. It’s not all that surprising given the seductive world she finds in her sleep – parties with Poseidon, Demeter and Persephone in attendance. Even more interesting, powerful gods like the super sexy Triton, son of Poseidon, and ultra-badass Artemis ask her to accomplish different tasks for them each night.

What Emma doesn’t realize until she’s in too deep is that her dreams aren’t figments of her imagination. She becomes part of the Collective Unconscious when asleep and plays a vital role in bridging the waking world and the dream world. But when the gods enact a punishment that affects her waking life, Emma is forced to choose between the C.U. and those she loves.

Review of Perchance to Dream
4 Stars

I rarely remember dreams and when I do, they are not all that remarkable. Maybe that is why I had difficulty sympathizing with Emma.

Of course, I also thought Emma was kind of a wimp in her relationship with her husband and her in-laws. Another reason not to sympathize with the main character. But it gave her fuel for her dreams and a reason to keep slipping back into the Collective Unconscious. Despite my lack of character attachment, I did enjoy the story, of the woman that walks through dreams and is surprised to learn that dreams can be more than what you experience during your sleep. Despite the very short length, I felt it was a complete story and a fun part of this new Dream Weavers & Truth Seekers series by Cecilia Dominic.

About Truth Seeker

A coffee shop dare gone wrong. A stupid childhood decision. A cat-and-mouse hunt that will require a triple strength espresso and a major sacrifice before it’s all over.

Philippe Ormandie can see ghosts, and his special abilities have gotten him into big trouble this time. A dare gone wrong leaves him trapped far away from home in a network of metaphysical tunnels that connects the locations of a large and popular coffee shop chain. Truth Seeker Maggie – formally known as Margaret of Cornwall, lost aunt of King Arthur – needs to find him before the tunnel’s builders do.

When Maggie catches up to Philippe, she whisks him away to what she hopes is a safe place. Unfortunately, the builders of the tunnels won’t be foiled so easily, and she finds herself hunted along with him. Betrayal and old family drama follow Maggie and Philippe no matter where they land.

Maggie needs all the help she can get as the battle ends up being not only for control of the tunnels, but for Philippe’s soul. In the end, the ultimate question is not how Maggie will save the world – and her job – but who will pay the price.

Review of Truth Seeker
4 Stars

I was surprised to find that this first book in the Dream Weavers & Truth Seekers series had little in common with the short story prequel, Perchance to Dream. Truth Seekers does have that ethereal Collective Unconscious feel to it, but the story line is quite different from the prequel.

Philippe seems to be an average human that inadvertently found he can travel the ‘tunnels’. These tunnels connect places that are miles apart by bags of coffee beans in a chain coffee shop. Sound like a strange place to travel from and to? Well, maybe. But in order to avoid the unknown danger, Philippe is getting very little sleep. Hence the coffee shop? It works for me. 🙂

Maggie steps in to help Philippe, not only because he needs help, but also because she needs to know about the tunnels and how they may or may not affect her world.

The adventure that follows leads to old friends and betrayal, capture and rescue. At times, the overall plot seemed a bit disconnected to me, however, reading persistence paid off and I discovered the goals of the Truth Seeker. The tale contains action that is non-stop, romance possibilities and, ultimately, an unexpected conclusion that left me a bit speechless.

Dreamlike and magical qualities flow through Truth Seeker. At the end of the story, I felt like I had awakened from a dream. I suspect that was Ms. Dominic’s goal.

I received a copy of these books from the author so that I could bring you this honest review.


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