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Review by Riley

About The Ghost Line

The luxury cruise ship the Martian Queen was decommissioned years ago, set to drift back and forth between Earth and Mars on the off-chance that reclaiming it ever became profitable for the owners. For Saga and her husband Michel the cruise ship represents a massive payday. Hacking and stealing the ship could earn them enough to settle down, have children, and pay for the treatments to save Saga’s mother’s life.

But the Martian Queen is much more than their employer has told them. In the twenty years since it was abandoned, something strange and dangerous has come to reside in the decadent vessel. Saga feels herself being drawn into a spider’s web, and must navigate the traps and lures of an awakening intelligence if she wants to go home again.


Review of The Ghost Line

The Ghost Line starts out as scifi. Then becomes a ghost story. Or does it? Maybe that is just a reader grabbing onto a word from a title.

The evolution of the story was subtle. Maybe even a little insidious. First it is a simple reclamation story. Now, I knew it would not stay that way. No scifi reclamation story is ever simple. Next, the employer, Wei, has some very odd ideas and practices. This makes her a suspect, though I was not sure what I suspected her of doing.

Next, either the Martian Queen’s AI is doing unexpected things, or Saga is seeing things. Ghost time. When I say ‘ghost time’, I mean strange, unexplained events and sightings and if this books wasn’t labeled as scifi, I would call it paranormal. I like both genres, so combining them would be fine with me.

But I will not annoy the scifi readers with thoughts of ghosts. I will say that the explanation is pure scifi, intriguing and makes for an irresistible read. Saga’s actions are the most compelling and watching her solve the mystery was a pure joy. The ending was not what I was expecting, nor was it what I might have wanted, but it was exactly what it needed to be.

Through NetGalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book so that I could bring you this honest review.



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