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Review by Riley

Right after I read this book, I went to Arizona for vacation. When my brother-in-law asked if we wanted to go for a hike and experience the vortex, my first thought was of the Inheritance character Darcy, experiencing the unexplainable when she touched the pile of stacked rocks and then getting abducted by the aliens in Arizona.  On my hike, I did feel the vortex and saw a lot of those stacked rocks. I did not touch the rocks!

So, no alien abduction for me.

About Inheritance

Darcy has a ten-thousand-year-old secret buried in her genetic code.

As a second year medical student, her life revolves around classes, studying, and her boyfriend Adam—until she treks through the desert, touches some mysterious stacked stones, and a network of glowing blue lines radiates under her skin.

Then she saw the spaceship. And it was coming for her.

She faces impossibly bad choices and a missing boyfriend.

Darcy struggles to accept her heritage and master her newfound powers as she navigates deception, betrayal, and danger in order to prevail in the galaxy’s most dangerous game—and survive to save Adam.


Review of Inheritance

Darcy is blessed/cursed with the Druid gene, genetics left over from a race that populated the earth years ago, but have died out. This special gene is what gets her abducted by aliens. It also gives her unusual abilities that she must learn to control and use. But that takes time. In the mean time, she is one of many captives of various races, held on a space ship by the insect-like hymenoptera.

Why they are captive is unknown, though it is generally thought they will all be sold as slaves.  It will become clear that the captors have more than a passing interest in Darcy though.

Darcy will develop an unusual relationship with Raub, who ends up in a cell with Darcy after she attacks her captors.  He will teach her to fight and to defend herself. All along, she wonders why he would do this. Why does he want her on his ‘team’?  The truth is, no one on the ship can be trusted, as much as she really wants to see the good in people.

Tesserae71, a hymenoptera and two fellow prisoners, Nembrotha and Selpis are secondary characters that also fall into that can-they-be-trusted? category.  But they end up working with Darcy and Raub in an escape attempt, which makes them a permanent part of the ‘team’.  The addition of three different aliens to the core group serves to remind you that Earth is very far away.  And aliens are not human.

Raub’s motives will be revealed in the tense, climatic last few chapters. I really like the way this story was told. Despite the nastiness Darcy endured, the telling of the tale has Darcy developing from a sweet medical student who only wants to help people to a kick-butt heroine who doesn’t take crap.  And she can still help people.

Inheritance is part of the Confluence series, but does read as a stand alone. The other books Fluency, Remanance, and Valence need to be read in series order.

I am very intrigued with this character and how she will play into the continuing Confluence series, and how she might interact with the characters I came to know in the first two books. Confluence is continued in Valence, which is most definitely on my TBR list.



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