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Assuming I kept an accurate record, I listened to 40 audiobooks in 2017.  Most of them were pretty good.  A few, not so good.  I rarely review audiobooks, so today, I will let you know which ones I would recommend.  Without reservation!  That means the story is really good and the narration is just as good.

I’ll start with Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St. Mary’s.  In a previous post, I ranted and raved about this series and it is one of those that holds up very well beyond book 3.  In 2017, I listened to narrator Zara Ramm bring these 5 books to life:
A Symphony of Echoes, #2
When a Child is Born, #2.5
A Second Chance, #3
Roman Holiday, #3.5
A Trail Through Time, #4
In addition, the author narrated #0.5, The Very First Damned Thing.  #0.5. 2.5 and 3.5 were all free on Audible, so if they still are, now is as good a time to check them out! I have already purchased a couple more and they are in the queue.

Beneath the Waning Moon is a 2-book anthology by authors Elizabeth Hunter and one of my favorites – Grace Draven. Included are A Very Proper Monster by Elizabeth Hunter and Gaslight Hades by Grace Draven. Both were beautiful gothic romances! I also listened to the marvelous Eidolon, Wraith Kings #2 by Grace Draven. Both of these books were charmingly narrated by Gabrielle Baker.

For SciFi books, Tanya Huff’s Confederation series is one of my favorites. Maguerite Gavin is a skilled narrator. I listened to 4 in this series and have another one in the queue.
The Heart of Valor, #3
Valor’s Trial, #4
The Truth of Valor, #5
An Ancient Peace, #6 (also Peacekeeper #1)

I got a great deal by downloading the 3-in-1 book Forgotten Ages by Lindsay Buroker. From there it was a simple matter to get the Whispersync audiobook 3-in-1. I discovered this author this year and I am quite sure there will be more Lindsay Buroker in my future. Forgotten Ages was narrated by a favorite narrator, Tavia Gilbert. This compendium included:
Encrypted (novel)
Enigma (short story)
Decrypted (novel)

Viola Carr knows her way around some steampunk/horror/fantasy and her stories are well narrated by Beverly A. Crick. The Electric Empire is 3 books long. I listened to the first 2 on audiobook this year:
The Diabolical Miss Hyde, #1 
The Devious Dr. Jekyll, #2
After listening to these two books, I finished by the series off by reading The Dastardly Miss Lizzie.

For SciFi fans, I highly recommend Jennifer Foehner Wells’ Confluence series. This first contact and beyond series is insightful and hopeful with that streak of realism that makes us realize space is not a friendly place. Susanna Burney is the narrator of book 1 and she is joined by Mark Linden in book 2. I am currently reading book 3, Inheritance, so I am definitely committed to the series.
Fluency, #1
Remanance, #2

One of my favorite finds of the year is Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn & Grimm series. Like the 2-names-separated-by-an-ampersand series title suggests, there are mysteries to be solved. They are solved with logic, determination and so much heart. These are amazing characters. The use of three different narrators to represent different points of view was very much appreciated.
Dreamer’s Pool, #1
Natalie Gold, Nick Sullivan Narrators, Scott Aiello
Tower of Thorns, #2
Natalie Gold, Nick Sullivan Narrators, Susannah Jones
Book 3, Den of Wolves, is in my queue. I love this series so much!

For a good laugh, Sandra Hill is a great author. She writes a Viking/Vampire/Angel series called Deadly Angels that makes me laugh out loud. This year, I listened to Kiss of Temptation, #3 narrated by Erin Bennett.

And finally, Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series. I am almost caught up, so I only have one to add to this list. Luke Daniels is one of the best narrators out there so I was please to listen to him read Staked, #8.

That is it for my favorite audiobook listens for 2017. In most cases, I bought the Kindle book and then added the Whispersync audiobook. It seems to be the most economic for me. For that reason, all the book cover and title links will link to the Kindle version. Whether you read these books, or listen to them, the are all great stories!