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About A Million Shadows

Witches, werewolves, and murder – oh, my!

Former model and heartbreaker Kyra Ellison is accustomed to making trouble, not being on the receiving end. When she’s kicked out of her family’s Ozarks cabin where she’s been taking refuge – okay, hiding – after a wicked ancient syndrome wrecked her old life, she’s forced to go to Salem, Massachusetts. Yes, that Salem, where a murder, witches with secrets, and handsome billionaire make danger irresistible.

Kyra finds she’s not the only one with secrets and skeletons in her family closet, but some are more deadly than others. A confrontation with ancient danger and a new foe forces her to choose between the old life she’s been craving and the new love that might make everything worth it in the end.


Review of A Million Shadows

A Million Shadows is a novella in The Lycanthropy Files. This book is part of a great series, but also stands alone very well. I read it shortly after I read Long Shadows and the timing was perfect. Kyra Ellison has a small role in the first two books of the series and she is not portrayed in favorable light in those tales.

Kyra’s love interest in A Million Shadows is rich businessman Jared Steel. Jared and Kyra become re-acquainted after their initial flirtation was cut short in a previous meeting in the past. The reunion is complicated by the fact that Kyra is a werewolf and Jared is, well, a rich man. There really can be no room in his life for someone like Kyra.

Then there is a rumor that there may be a cure for CLS (Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome). Jarod is the one that brings this rumor up, unaware of Kyra’s nature. Only because he owns a pharmaceutical company. Things are getting complicated…..

But wait, there’s more. There is a witch, some wizards and another werewolf. Oh, and a murder and some really bad thunderstorms.  Cue the squeaky door and the howling ghost.  (Yes, there is a ghost too!)

Kyra may have been a pain in the rear in previous stories, but in this book, she is the heroine to cheer for. I always enjoy when the black sheep gets her own story of redemption and love, as Kyra does in A Million Shadows.

So….secrets, mystery, love, magic, and just plain eery goings on. A Million Shadows is a perfect Halloween season read.



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