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Review by Riley

Mind Raider is one of 23 full length novels in the Dominion Rising anthology. Even if I had not gotten an advance copy of this story from author P.K. Tyler, it would have been the first one I turned to when I opened my copy of Dominion Rising (pre-ordered last March). If Mind Raider is any indicator of the quality level of the other stories in Dominion Rising, I say, go buy it now. While it is still only 99 cents! Mind Raider is top-notch science fiction!

I found this two-sentence blurb for Mind Raider.

One weapon to re-write everything. One team to stop it all.

It is a great teaser and while many would zero in on the word ‘weapon’, the book is really about the ‘team’. These characters come from worlds and backgrounds so different that it is amazing they speak the same language. And yet a common goal unites them. Keva Duste is a genetically enhanced soldier. Hale Reeve – well, it is not readily apparent what he is at first. Maybe a mercenary. Dothylian is an Elite.

They don’t always work well together, not really. They don’t really like each other all that much. But they have the common goal of trying to survive when the powers that be are are against them. These characters are imperfect, which is why I like that they change over the story. They grow.

Tyler and Blooding have built a fascinating universe of diverse political and social structures that are at odds with each other. Extremely different goals lead to conflict. And always there is someone or many someones who pay the price for their conflicts. As the first book in the Kalamatra Rebellion series, Mind Raider paves the way for a potentially fascinating story line. But be prepared to groan when you reach the end and the next book is not available yet.

Author P.K. Tyler provided and copy so that I could bring you this honest review.



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