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Review by Riley

About Vega Falling

Vega grows stronger the more sensari use it as their sanctum from the brutal caste system of Mandori. And leader Damon Forester will stop at nothing to keep it safe from their enemies.

Until Tara Newton, a hacker with a troubled past, stumbles upon some of his measures. No human should have been able to breech his shifter’s protective essence and locate the code hidden in Vega’s financial systems.

That makes her a dangerous oddity–one his other half demands more of.

As Mandori ups its game, threatening the entire sensari population of Vega, Damon loses his presidency, and possibly the woman his shifter has claimed for mate.


Review of Vega Falling

Because I had read Twice Tethered, I did not even read the blurb for this book. I mean, I loved Twice Tethered, and I really liked the secondary character Tara Newton, who is the heroine of Vega Falling. If I had read the blurb, I would not have been surprised to find out Damon Forrester is more than a typical sensari. He is a shifter. Shifters bring a new and potentially interesting party into the world of humans and those flying sensari. The shifter influence and reach is yet to be determined in this series though. You get just a taste of them in Vega Falling.

I won’t say what kind of shifters show up in Vega Falling, but Damon’s alternate form, which you met in Twice Tethered, is a humanoid that flies (sensari). Give it your best guess. These shifters have a dual identity, one for each form, which puts a little more color on the page. The abilities of each form bleed over into each other, making Damon more intuitive than the average sensari.

Tara is an unapologetic woman who knows her past is less than stellar, but she was doing the best she could. Rising above her past, now she is an extraordinary computer hacker who works for GenRealms. When Vega’s President Forrester pursues her, Tara knows she is not presidential wife material. But Damon wants Tara, not presidential wife material. I like watching Tara work through her feelings for this man and what she wanted from him.

The backdrop of the love story, is political upheaval. It is not hard to identify Mandori and it’s cabal of corporate leaders as the bad guys. Missing what amounted to a slave labor force that has defected to Vega, they will stop at nothing to return things to their former status quo. Attempting to influence the political situation in Vega is minor compared to their other methods. BTW, all this stuff between Mandori and Vega started back in Twice Tethered, but you don’t need to read it in order to keep up.  (But you should read it!)

Because of Mandori machinations, Damon’s presidency is at risk. The political turnover is the one part of this story that I was disappointed with. I felt like it was discussed on one page. And then on the next page it is done. A little more detail about why Vega citizens would even support a vote of no confidence was needed.

Tara and Damon are one hot couple and the romance overwhelmed the political story. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciated every page of their courtship. Intense, sexy, emotional ups and downs. It’s all there. I also appreciated the sex scenes – spontaneous, hot, but not overlong. Just right.

I am really liking this world of humans, sensari and shifters and all the conflict and romance, and flying that goes with this unusual combination of fascinating characters. I will look forward to more!

Speaking of more, I also read the short story Origins. If you enjoyed Twice Tethered and/or Vega Falling, you should check out this story of the first ever human/sensari hybird. It is a quick read about a human woman and a sensari man who were made for each other even though what they would become should be impossible.

The Ms. Priestley provided a copy of Vega Falling so that I could bring you this honest review.

About Origins

One night of passion changed the world.

She was just an ordinary waitress, crushing on a construction foreman.

One night together changed their world.

Their entire world.

By the end, every person on the planet had heard the legend of Trina and Nico.

Fact is stranger than fiction in Origins, the short story prequel in the explosive new series, Tethered Wings.



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