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Review by Riley

About The Shimmering

When skeptic journalist Sandra Lowell interviews a doctor who claims to have mastered astral projection, she volunteers to prove the doctor wrong. Mysteriously, the doctor’s new-fangled machine works, and Sandra’s mind is transported into the body of an about-to-be married, and hysterical, woman in another land.

Daveck, head warrior of West Farii, needs to recover the Zorash—an ancient totem that protects his planet. Stolen by his fiancée’s father, Maglek, the totem’s loss has meant twenty years of dangerous climatic upheaval, which threatens to destroy his world. Daveck will stop at nothing to find the totem, including marrying and forcing Maglek’s daughter to reveal the totem’s location. Little does Daveck know that the woman is no longer Maglek’s panicky daughter, but the strong and intelligent Sandra.

In order to save his planet, Sandra and Daveck must team up, all while fighting their combustible chemistry. Can Daveck learn to trust the daughter of his enemy? To accept that she’s not the woman he sees? Can Sandra find a way to keep the love she’s found? Or will their world and love be lost to Maglek’s evil plan?

Review of The Shimmering

The Shimmering is an entertaining short read that starts on Earth with an experiment in astral projection and ends up on a planet far far away. During her out-of-body experience, Sandra is pulled through the stars to the world of Farii, giving the term ‘astral projection’ a double meaning.

Travelling directly into a politically charged socially awkward situation, Sandra lands in a body that belonged to a woman who purposefully left her body to avoid said awkward situation. That was the first sign that Sandra was in a predicament. It doesn’t take long for Sandra to get into this situation so you know that story is going to move right along.

The action does proceed quickly and Sandra comes face-to-face with her true predicament – a man. Daveck is his name and he and the body formerly known as Lira are to be married. A lot of trouble (action) ensues, intermingled with an equal amount of flirting. Both Sandra and Daveck challenged/frustrated the other sexually at every step of the way – a little equal opportunity flirting on a world where women taking charge is not the norm. Sandra and Daveck quickly formed an alliance, so-to-speak, in order to face the bad guy head on. If this had been a longer novel, the bad guy would have been a great character to expand on. He was definitely insane.

If you are a Stargate fan, you might think fondly back on a particular episode – Touchstone – where the team had to hunt down a climate control device.  Similar circumstances apply in The Shimmering with the addition of a heated romance.

The Shimmering is my first Susan Kearney book since I enjoyed the Pendragon Legacy series several years ago. Both series are a fun combination of genres that will appeal to scifi romance readers who enjoy a little paranormal mixed in.  At a mere 98 pages, don’t expect a deep, complex story.  Do expect what is advertised – a couple of hours of pure escapist fun, no strings attached!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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