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Review by Riley

In addition to today’s review, I hope you will check out the guest post from Pauline Baird Jones.  She talks about Found Girl and there is even a WWMB exclusive excerpt!

About Found Girl

She likes being lost…

He needs to be found…

Arian Teraz would be perfectly happy if she never returned to her cheerless, hopeless world. Her life changes when her ship is damaged. Rescued by a handsome alien from a distant galaxy, Arian longs to find a place with him and his people.

Hotshot USAF pilot, Captain Jackson “Coop” Cooper knew the risks of boldly going somewhere before he signed up for the Project Enterprise expedition. When an anomaly sends his ship into a mysterious, no-exit sanctuary about to be invaded by a deadly adversary, he is forced to trust the unusual woman who might be his only ticket out.

With an invasion threatening the sanctuary and enemies emerging from Arian’s past, Arian and Coop must combine forces to seize an uncertain future together. Can they save each other as they battle the forces trying to rip them apart, or will the secret Arian’s ship carries – along with those seeking to exploit her – separate them forever?


Review of Found Girl

Reading a new Project Enterprise book is like meeting up with an old friend. And old friend that you have not seen in a long time who has had an amazing adventure. And now is the time to catch up with that friend.

The Found Girl story is completely separate from the other Project Enterprise stories. But there is a familiarity, recognizable concepts, and even certain characters from other books are named. From the beginning, I felt right at home with the crew of the Boyington. I settled in and…. Wait, no, there was no settling. Things are hopping in that part of the universe where the Boyington is currently stationed. Hopping, flying, shooting, shooting back, running, fixing, talking and studying – from the beginning of the adventure to the last page. Except for the time-outs where the hero and heroine think about each other, think about kissing and, from time to time, actually do kiss.

Arian is an unusual heroine. She thinks she knows who she is, but as the story progress, she realizes there is much more to her than she knows.  Or more than she can recall. She has some unusual techno-genius talents that come in handy out in space where there are battles going on and things get broken. Each chapter of Found Girl seems to reveal more about Arian.  At the same time, each chapter proves how little she knows about herself. Coop is the perfect complement to Arian. His cool-headed attitude allows him to both step back and assess and get close and offer assistance. Both are new at the ‘love’ thing, so their inner dialog is fun to follow.

I do not want to spoil anything. But for the veteran fan and reader of Pauline Baird Jones, there are surprises. Really fun surprises that are so Pauline! That is all I am going to say. Except for, hurry up and read this book before someone spoils it for you in a review. 🙂

Don’t worry. If you are new to this author, you can still enjoy the book very much. I loved this story of unusual otherwordly races, a constant sense of adventure and a romance between two people from opposite corners of the galaxy. As usual, there is much quirkiness in Ms. Jones’ writing. I love her sense of humor. In Found Girl, I also found there is a new, darker element. When combined with humor, I would even call it diabolical. And if you don’t believe me, wait until you get to the quasi-cliffhanger ending. Mwahaha.

5 stars for Found Girl, but if I have to wait too long for the next book, I am going to start taking away stars. I mean it.



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