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Lizard Jam by Froggybangbang

Today’s art is for Pauline Baird Jones.

Art available at Society6.

If you haven’t read Ms. Jones’ The Real Dragon, in the Pets in Space anthology, I recommend it just to meet Peddrenth, the bearded dragon.  Then don’t forget, Pauline has a new book coming out this week in Kindle.  If you are a print reader, you can already order the print version.  BTW, Pauline will be here on Thursday to talk about her new book.

That new book, Found Girl, #6 in the Project Enterprise series, is what I currently have open in my (new) Kindle.  Reading a new Project Enterprise book is like running into an old friend that has had a very busy life that I want to catch up with.  I am having a great visit with that friend!

Back to that Kindle.  Yes, I am leaving the tablet behind and going Amazon all the way. It came almost fully set up, unlike every other tablet, laptop or PC I’ve ever started up.  It is lighter than the tablet, faster and not loaded down with near as much unused junk.  I did turn Alexa off though.  Sorry, Alexa.

I got distracted talking about my new toy.  Back to the main subject.  On the audiobook side, I have started Tracy Goodwin’s historical romance The Wolf of Winterthorne.  I’ve been reading a lot of scifi lately, so I am enjoying a change of pace.

What are you reading this weekend?