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Review by Riley

About The Rescue

Rhemun, commander of the Cehn-Tahr Holconcom, has worked tirelessly to get where he is—and he’s not going to let any human drag him back down. Especially not Lt. Commander Edris Mallory, whose very presence aboard the Morcai serves as a too-painful reminder of a past tragedy he can neither forgive nor forget.

But Mallory has secrets of her own—ones she can’t afford to see come to light. Frantic to protect herself, she flees, abandoning her position. When Rhemun learns of her devastating situation, he realizes the all-consuming feelings he’s harbored for her may not be hatred. But in a vast universe rife with peril, is it already too late?


Review of The Rescue

As a reader of the Morcai Battalion series, I was please to see a new set of primary characters in this fourth book, The Rescue. Idris Mallory and Rhemun are very different from their predecessors Madeline Ruszel and Dtimun.

Mallory is not nearly as outspoken, falls short on the toughness scale, but her bravery is front and center when it needs to be. Rhemun is a mumbly grumber – All. The. Time. Not at all likeable, nor does he seem to like anybody. How he became a hero in a romance is hard to say, especially since he intensely dislikes Mallory from the very beginning. But I like this character from the beginning because I knew he was heading for a fall. How that happens is what remains to be seen.

Like previous books in the series, The Rescue contains the spectre of fate and what the future may hold. That is to say, there are characters who are seers who have seen the future, but they can’t tell what they’ve seen. It wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if they did. But that doesn’t stop them from dropping hints and innuendos.  It is possible that this particular device is meant to set you up for possible future books.  It worked on me with the first few books!

I have listed to the entire series on audiobook. Able to handle female voices, Todd McLaren is one of the better male narrators I have heard.

The Rescue and The Morcai Battalion series proves that it is a great idea to step out of your box from time to time. Normally, Diana Palmer (aka Susan Kyle) writes contemporary western romance. To write a scifi series with such an epic scale takes some guts. But Ms. Palmer proves that she has the imagination, heart and talent to take on my favorite genre.



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