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It’s June.

In Southwest Iowa, that means unstable weather patterns.  Storms, hail, lightening, thunder and wind.  Tornadoes too.

My little corner of Iowa made the national news last night due to one or more tornadoes that spun out of the storm.  Luckily, nobody was hurt.  But there are a few unlucky families who are now dealing with plenty of tornado damage.  At my house, all is well and the cats are accounted for.

I’ve been through 2 tornadoes in the past.  In both cases, I could not see the tornado.  But I was in awe as I viewed the damage after the storms passed. It is the natural damage that I always find most amazing.  Large trees torn from their bases and moved surprising distances.  Fractured branches driven a foot into the ground from the force of landing.  Pastures absolutely flattened.

We have had several storms come through in the last couple of weeks, that included damaging hail and high winds and many people sustained property damage.  While we did loose quite a few tree branches, we have been otherwise unaffected.  I told my hubby that we should buy a lottery ticket.  We stand to win big if our luck holds out. 🙂

How is the weather in your part of the world?