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Review by Riley

Note:  if, you want to learn more about Twice Tethered, you might want to check out Sabine Priestley’s guest post about her new series Tethered Wings, which includes an excerpt from Twice Tethered.

About Twice Tethered

In a country called Vega, winged sensari and humans live and work together for the first time.

Priya Desai wanted nothing more than to launch her career at Genetic Realms engineering, but one night with CEO Morgan Steele changed everything, including her humanity.

Morgan is duty bound to help Priya through the transformation–an intensely physical process which brings both pain and pleasure.

As his enemies fight to destroy his company, and political tensions rise, the two must find the truth: Did someone engineer the transformation in her, or did he really tether twice?


Review of Twice Tethered

My first thought after finishing Twice Tethered – Wow! Second thought – I am glad book two will be out soon! Sabine Priestley, author of the Alien Attachments series I so enjoyed, introduces her new urban fantasy series featuring a world where humans and winged humanoids (sensari) live together in harmony and in enmity.

While some sensari look at all people and see equals and friends, a large contingent of sensari insist on the old ways. Humans are no different, demonstrating both extremes of the tolerance scale. Vega is the newly formed nation that welcomes both sensari from Mandori and humans from Anarica. While it seems, at first, to be a rather simplistic political structure, the actual complexity of the situation is revealed bit by bit in this first book in the series.

It is the conflict between the narrow-minded of the world and the good people of Vega that makes me appreciate this book and, indeed, will keep drawing me back to the series. Ms. Priestley has created characters to complement both sides of the conflict, good and bad, that should also endure through the series.

Main characters Priya Desai and Morgan Steele are the romantic story. The beginning of Twice Tethered depicts the attraction between the two that is immediate and profound. And confusing to both characters, but more so to Morgan. Having been tethered once before, after the death of his wife, Morgan was sure the attraction to Priya was only physical. Don’t you love it when life surprises you! When Priya’s transformation is triggered after a night with Morgan, his reaction was just what it should be in his situation. Even if it was not at all what you would want it to be.

Morgan’s enemies, who are also the enemies of his company Genetic Realms engineering, and of Vega, will use Priya to create an international scandal. But it was not just a scandal. There was a mystery to be solved. What exactly happened to Priya? Could her change have been engineered? And if so, what will the implications be?

While the international situation unfolds, Priya and Morgan must work out their own complicated predicament. A little humor, a lot of drama and a generous dose of sexual tension make their romance compelling and something to cheer for.

Secondary characters Senior VP Christopher Gotti, Security expert Tara Newton and Vega President Damon Forester all have crucial roles. Tara often supplies a bit of levity to the situation, but can get down and serious when needed. Christopher and Damon – well, they are powerful heroic men that can fly. Do I need to say anything else?

This world reminded me a bit of another author’s fantasy series that features dragon/human hybrids called Morgans. Is it a coincidence that the main character’s name is Morgan? I think not. In fact, Ms. Priestley does credit her friend, author Juliette Cross’ Night Wing books, for inspiring the Tethered Wings series.  I am certainly glad Ms. Priestley read those books!

I love the thought of being able to fly, so winged characters are naturally appealing. Twice Tethered draws on that fantasy and enhances it in an intriguing, intricate world full of amazing, complex characters. I found a new series that I am going to have to read!

The author provided a copy of her book so that I could bring you this honest review.



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