It’s just about time for the 2017 Booklovers convention in Atlanta.  Soon hordes of booklovers – authors, readers, bloggers, reviewers, publishers, booksellers and librarians will descend upon Atlanta’s downtown Hyatt Regency to revel in books!  I will be one of those people.  I don’t mind saying, I am very excited.This will be my second RT convention.  I went to Dallas two years ago and met so many wonderful people!  I went by myself, but never lacked for company.  In every line I stood in, I struck up conversations with the strangers around me.  I met and hung out with several amazing authors.  I got lots of swag and autographed books for my collection.  I had a grand time!

Now, this is not something I can afford to do every year.  Last year’s convention was in Vegas, a city I have visited. I am not a Vegas person, so it was easy to skip that one.  However, Atlanta is a city I have always had interest in visiting.  So Atlanta, here I come!

This year, I am registered as a librarian.  My goal is to get pictures with some of my patrons favorite authors.  I may or may not stalk Heather Graham.  There are few others, but she is at the top of my list!

Is anyone else going?   I’ve set up a Facebook event to help people connect.   If you are going, let me know, here or on Facebook, so we can meet.  See you there!