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About Aether Rising

The only place to hide could be behind the truth.

No one can lie to Louisa Cobb. It’s her gift. Her curse. Magic her stepfather has no compunction about using to gain the upper hand in business. But when Parnaby Cobb presents her with her latest mark, she realizes he’s testing her loyalty.

Her target is Patrick O’Connell, an Irish tinkerer and scoundrel who stole a kiss—and her heart—years ago. Should she betray her stepfather to set Patrick free, she’ll be cut off without a penny to her name.

Patrick knows exactly he’s been captured, why he’s struggling to lie into Louisa’s sky-blue eyes. He’s invented a device to stabilize and direct the mysterious Eros Element. If he fails to recreate it for Cobb, his closest friends’ happiness will be at risk.

Back in Boston, as Patrick stalls for time and Louisa uncovers secrets of her tragic past, the two of them engage in a treacherous dance on the edge of love and danger. Where one wrong step could condemn them both to everlasting heartache—and unleash an unimaginably powerful force that could destroy their world.


Review of Aether Rising

Aether Rising is book 4 of the steampunk/romance/adventure series Aether Psychics.  If you are looking for the first three books, you may not be able to find the former Samhain titles.  But if you want to dive into Aether Rising, don’t worry. Ms. Dominic reveals all the relevant details through the telling of the tale.

Aether Rising is has a very interesting ensemble of characters that add to the color of the story and to the diverse paths the story takes between the first page and the last page:

Physicist/Aetherist Edward Bailey – his talent is his intelligence.
Archeologist Iris Bailey – Iris is brainy and has the ability to learn the history of any item by touching it
Actress Marie Bledsoe – has the ability to completely become someone else.
Musician Johann Bledsoe – he plays the violin and is a bit of a charmer.
Doctor Chadwick Radcliffe – Chadwick is black and the year is 1871.  Enough said.
Doctor Claire McPhee – Claire is a psychologist and seems to be able to talk to ghost.
Tinkerer Patrick O’Connell – Inventor Patrick is also a charmer and talks to ghosts.
Truthsayer Louisa Cobb – Tell a lie and Louisa’s hackles get up.
Spy Henry Davidson – or detective or secret agent whose employers are mysterious.
Airship Lieutenant Crow – she is a Pythagorean.  So, maybe the enemy.

Physicist, Archeologist, Actress, Musician, Doctor, Tinkerer, Psychiatrist, Truthsayer, Spy and Airship Crewperson.  What do these people have in common.  An uncommon adventure!

Within the ensemble, there are two couples we want to see get together. The first is Chadwick and Claire. Both are doctors, but Chadwick is a Negro and Claire is white. At the time the story takes place in the US, it was not legal for them to marry, though they intend to make it happen. Their main story took place in book 3, Aether Spirit, but they are still key characters in Aether Rising.

The second couple is Patrick and Louisa. Louisa is the stepdaughter of Parnaby Cobb. She is beginning to have many second thoughts about her relationship with her stepfather who only treats her well because of her talent. Patrick is the tinkerer.  He is man with the knowledge of aether.  Louisa and Patrick met at a party several years ago and shared one sweet kiss.  You know where this is going.  In Aether Rising, the romance is overshadowed by the mystery and intrigue, but it is still a sweet part of the story.

Parnaby Cobb wants to use the aether to provide power to light the streets.  So he says.  It’s pretty clear Cobb has some other horrible purpose in mind.  So Cobb nabs Patrick and holds him prisoner.  At the same time, Patrick’s friends Chadwick and Claire have been ‘captured’ and separated by Cobb and Aunt Eliza in an effort to control Patrick. Claire ended up in Aunt Eliza’s custody and Chadwick in a prison because of his skin color. At this point I am beginning to get outraged for both Chadwick and Claire.

Aunt Eliza.  What a controlling, mean, old biddy. And why does society let people like her take charge of people like her niece Claire? When I read historical novels and there are young heroine’s whose lives are controlled by others, I am outraged. Can’t help it. Even though I know the heroine is going to win in the end (why – because – heroine).

In the meantime, the rest of the crew (the Baileys and the Bledsoes) have been searching for and/or trying to rescue Patrick and Claire and Chadwick.  All while running into people like Henry Davidson and Lieutenant Crow.  Davison and Crow are unknowns and tend to get in the way.  The Baileys and Bledsoes have had their stories told in previous books, so their roles are smaller in Aether Rising.  But they are no less significant and all add to the unfolding story of the Eros element.  I am enjoying this very clever and interesting group of people that adds multiple layers to the plot while continually refreshing the story.

About aether.  The mysterious element whose properties are not totally known, has manifested itself in various ways through the series. In past books, the element has been known to heal, amplify emotions, power weapons and it seems to communicate with ghosts.  Its true nature is still in question and in Aether Rising, while we learn more, the mystery is still left unsolved.  Having said that, I should mention that this book is a complete story – no cliffhanger!

In Aether Rising, Parnaby Cobb’s true purpose is revealed. He has been an enigma in the past, and you never knew for sure what he was up to.  He is a manipulator and, I’m pretty sure he would have you believe that all the events leading up to Aether Rising were personally orchestrated by him.  I have my doubts and that is all I will say on that subject.

Aether Rising has some typical steampunk elements.  Steamcars and airships.  And there are always bugs, in the form of some mechanical flying creature.  Either the Clockwork Guild or the Pythagoreans may be responsible for the bugs, but I never really know who is.  The goals of both of these organizations are murky at best, evil at worst.  There is still more to learn about them.

I just want to talk a bit about the third person perspective.  When one of the main characters has the scene, there is that typical internal introspection to add to the actions of the characters. When the ensemble appears, the internal introspection disappears. Action and dialog make up the page. Although I found this a bit harder to follow, not knowing what the characters were thinking about made me feel more a part of the action.

As I mentioned earlier, because of the demise of the original publisher, Samhain, not all books in the series are currently available.  There are three reasons you should not be concerned about that:  1) Ms. Dominic now has the rights to the books and will soon be re-publishing the series 2) the series prequel novella, Noble Secrets is available and 3) throughout the story of Aether Rising, details from previous installments are added when necessary to make sure you know what is going on.  Each book in the series does stand alone.

As with each of the previous books in the Aether Psychics series, I was delighted with the romance, drawn into the intrigue and carried away by the adventure.  Aether Rising is steampunk adventure and romance worth 5 stars!

The author provided a copy of her book so that I could bring you my honest review.


The Aether Psychics Series

Noble Secrets
Eros Element
Light Fantastique
Aether Spirit
Aether Rising



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