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Reviewed by Riley

Earlier this week, I read Pauline Baird Jones’ blog post: Why I Wrote Nebula Nine.  Originally released in an anthology (see Pauline’s post), the short story was recently released on its own.

Even if you have not read other Project Enterprise novels by Pauline Baird Jones, I think you will enjoy this adventure in space and time. For fans of the series, Nebula Nine is just the treat for you. This short story will pull you back into the Project Enterprise universe but with a totally new story and characters.

The setting of the space station casino is colorful and noisy. So if you enjoy casinos, you will feel right at home. The fact that someone wants to blow it out of existence adds a bit of claustrophobia to the feel of the space station.

Intriguing characters, Jane Doe and Ryder Jaxon experience an ever-present sense of prescience or déjà vu or that sense of knowing there is something familiar but can’t really remembering what it is. This pervasive feeling encompasses the story. It is kind of a warm and creepy feeling. I mean that in a very positive way.

The short story has room for a plot complex enough to keep a reader reading. And an unexpected ending which is always fun!

Ms. Jones’ signature quirkiness makes me smile, as usual. One of my favorite lines: “Jane had been surprised at her aptitude for ass kicking and suspected her teachers had been as well.”

Time travel and the associated paradoxes are a consistent theme in Nebula Nine and may just make your head spin. But only a little. It is, after all, a short story.


About Nebula Nine

Special Forces Temporal Agent, Jane Doe fixes time when it goes wrong, but it feels like more than time is wrong on the aging Nebula Nine Space Station. Why would someone from the future want to blow it out of existence? Why does it feel like there is more going on than is detailed in her mission brief? Who is the blue-eyed stranger who doesn’t feel like a stranger? Why does she fear he is the one man can break her heart—providing she can survive the Nebula Nine adventure.


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