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In place of an art print, this week I choose a book cover.  This is one of my favorite book covers of the past year.  You have the heroine, dressed in basic black, complete with all the latest in ready-for-anything accessories.  A cat, which seems to be part of that ready-for-anything ensemble.  And you have a cool background, with the futuristic city and the moon/planet/death star.

Exactly what the large spherical object is, I’m not sure, but since Christina Westcott’s Cypher is next on my list to start reading this weekend, I might figure it out soon enough.

On the audiobook side, I picked up a book that had been on my wish list for a while.  C.A. Szarek’s fantasy novel Sword’s Call went on sale for $.99 so I went for it, adding the very well-priced Audible audiobook for $2.99.  (If I sound like an advertisement, I apologize, but it is a great deal!)

What are you reading this weekend?