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I was preparing this post when I got distracted.  I popped over to Veronica Scott’s blog where she is featuring her favorite book covers of the year.  There are some very talented artists creating these book covers that catch our eye.  So I thought, instead of the usual art feature, I’d show you 2 of my favorite covers of the year.

Honor & Roses by Elizabeth Cole. With no actual face revealed, the image of the heroine, Lady Cecily, looking over a garden gate toward, not a garden, but an entire countryside, one gets an idea of the honor of the Lady and that she takes her responsibilities to heart.  Cover design by James T. Egan.

Cypher by Christina Westcott.  Lets start with the background.  Very scifi.  The planet silhouette and the futuristic architecture.  Now to the main feature.  The heroine, Kimber Fitzwarren, fully armed and ready for anything.  And when I say fully armed, I mean she is carrying her cat Jumper.



This weekend I’m reading The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman.  This book is #3 in a series I have thoroughly enjoyed this year – The Invisible Library – which also includes The Invisible Library and The Masked City.  Dragons, alternate worlds, werewolves, fae, magic, intrigue and plenty of epic adventures.  And, of course, a librarian.  Make that a librarian spy.  What more could you ask for?


What are you reading this weekend?