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Reviewed by Riley

pets-in-space-600x900 About Pets in Space

Even an alien needs a pet…

Join the adventure as nine pet loving sci-fi romance authors take you out of this world and pull you into their action-packed stories filled with suspense, laughter, and romance. The alien pets have an agenda that will capture the hearts of those they touch. Follow along as they stop a genetically-engineered creature from destroying the Earth or find a lost dragon; life is never the same after their pets decide to get involved. Can the animals win the day or will the stars shine just a little less brightly?

A Mate for Matrix by S.E. Smith
Stray by Susan Grant
Spark of Attraction by Cara Bristol
Star Cruise: Stowaway by Veronica Scott
The Real Dragon by Pauline Baird Jones
Spike by Alexis Glynn Latner
Star Dog by Laurie A. Green
Space Ranger by Lea Kirk
Escape Run by Carysa Locke

Review of Pets in Space

Regular visitors to Whiskey With My Book will have had the chance to read several posts about this book. From the day I first heard about it, I was excited. Pets, Space, Romance. Yeah!

All the stories in Pets in Space are great stories, truly!  So instead of reviewing the actual stories, I am going to reflect on the pets in them. After all, the fact that pets play such a large role in these stories is the main reason I was so excited about this book. So for all you animal lovers…..

A Mate for Matrix – In A Mate for Matrix, the cyborg wolf hybrid wants a family so very bad. K-Nine reminds us that our pets really are pack animals. On a personal level, K-Nine reminds me of our dog Loosie who was adopted by two kittens and loved playing with them until she got too old and then she just laid in the yard with them and slept with them. To this day, the surviving cat, Hemi, still sleeps in the doghouse they shared. Dogs and cats have their families and as humans, sometimes they include us. If we are lucky.

Stray – Bang-Bang comforting Lukas when his fiancée goes missing is one of those scenes that tugged at my heart. Pets have such a way of knowing our moods, especially sorrow. I’ve experienced this and I am sure I am not the only one.

Spark of Attraction – Dogs are smart. Okay, a cyborg dog might be smarter than the average dog. But overall, dogs are aware of their surroundings, they know sounds and smells, they sense people’s intentions and they aren’t shy about showing it. Sparky is a cyborg dog with better-than-real-dog senses. And he uses them to protect Miranda. Plus, he is just cute. When his over-protectiveness gets him into trouble (and deactivated), Dante may have to take over Sparky’s protection duties. Ultimately, Sparky is a true hero, with Dante and Miranda, helping to get the drop on the bad guys.

Star Cruise: Stowaway – any cat lover will recognize Moby. Veronica Scott’s depiction of Moby’s habits is spot on. Down to the fact that cats always recognize when something is out of place. In my house, that might be my earbuds, not put away, but now available to play with (I asked for it, didn’t I?). In Stowaway, Moby and her cohort and alien pet Middori sniffed the out-of-place situation in the form of a stowaway.

The Real Dragon – I have no experience with bearded dragons as pets, or for that manner, any reptile as a pet. However, if I was going to have such a pet, an alien dragon that is able to communicate telepathically, pilot space ships, and type would be absolutely the best. Peddrenth (awesome name) is very cool and with him as a pet/friend, I think I might be considered cool also. But then again, I probably would not tell anyone about him because then someone would want to study him, maybe dissect him and then where would I be. So there goes my hope for coolness. Peddrenth is as much a hero in The Real Dragon as Emma and Mazan are heroine and hero.

Spike – Spike is perhaps the most alien pet in this anthology. Spike is not furry, and not cuddly, but is quite intelligent, sparkly and good company. Aided by Ten Jaxdown, Anastasia Steed and 10 robotic butterflies, Spike has a role to play in uncovering the saboteurs threatening a space rescue mission. I’m not sure I would call Spike a pet, but more of an alien companion. As companions goes, Spike is most intriguing.

Star Dog – have you ever wished your cat was more dog-like. Or your dog was more cat-like. Yes, yes, we have designer pets these days, but Katrina is a genetically-engineered creation that combines the best of canine, feline, weasel and mongoose into one snake killing exterminator. Occasionally, a snake killer might come in handy around my house. But mainly I just wish my cats would clean up the crumbs that accidentally get dropped to the floor – like any good dog. But nooo, they don’t do crumbs…..

Space Ranger – I loved the beginning and end chapters of Space Ranger. Told from the viewpoint of Ranger, first a weak little stray puppy and finally a strong well-loved pet, his perspective of people and the things they do is both funny and heartwarming.

Escape Run – Ember is the kith-vos that bonds with Teegan and communicates telepathically. How many times have you wished you could communicate with your pet. I often talk to the cats. I doubt I am the only one. How cool would it be if they could respond? As a fox-like creature, Ember has the cuddly qualities of a pet, but her intelligence really makes her much more.

There are a couple of other things about Pets in Space that I must mention as really likes: Star Dog being part of Laurie A. Greens Inherited Stars series and Pauline’s Baird Jones’ sense of humor.

And finally, the dedication to the authors’ friend, cover model Vikkas Bhardwaj, in memory of his beloved dog Simba, who passed away while the anthology was evolving. Just one more clue that those involved in this project were truly all of the same mind. This team effort to bring these stories to animal lovers everywhere is truly appreciated!

I received a review copy so I could provide this honest review.



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