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By Cara Bristol

cara-bristol-body-talkSex scenes in romances have become much more explicit and graphic over the decades. What would have been scandalous doesn’t even raise an eyebrow now. Characters can screw like the kinky bunnies they are, and it’s not only acceptable, but highly marketable. But some situations are still stigmatized and have to be handled with finesse. One of them is the one night stand.

A one night stands is, by its definition, meaningless. An individual has sex with another (often a stranger) for the sole purpose of getting laid. He/she has no expectation or intent to pursue a relationship or even another sexual encounter with that person. But while an isolated one night stand, or a “mistake” would be forgiven, a person who frequently engages in one night stands would be considered promiscuous. And, a double standard still exists. A woman would be judged more harshly than a man.

If handled appropriately in romantic fiction, a one night stand can be the stepping stone to something meaningful. In fact, one publisher has a whole line of books centered around the theme: Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series. (A Scent of Longing, my vampire romance was a 1Night Stand story; it’s since been rereleased and retitled as Longing).

In romance, a character thinks he or she is engaging in a meaningless encounter, but the tryst proves to be the start of something bigger. What’s important is that the encounter reveals to the reader (if not to the character) significant insights into motivation or the hero or heroine’s backstory. Perhaps the character avoids commitment by having one night stands, but when she/he meets the hero/heroine, emotions become involved and she/he can’t walk away. Or they’ve never had sex outside of a relationship, but they’re so bowled over by the hero/heroine, they can’t help themselves. Both ends of the spectrum reveal something important about the character.

I’ve written several romances in which a one night stand initiated relationships. Body Talk contains two such story excerpts. In Body Politics, diehard feminist Stephanie sleeps with Mark, her blind date, to prove that a woman can do anything a man can do. For her, it’s a political statement—but she gets ensnared by her own emotions. In Trapped by the Cyborg, secret agent Amanda is about to embark on a mission so dangerous she might not survive. She picks up a stranger in a bar for one last fling—but it turns out the man is no stranger.

Body Talk contains full chapter excerpts containing a sex scene from eleven erotic romances. In each one, there is the build-up of sexual tension, insight into the characters, and a reason for the sexual encounter. Body Talk is a sampler to introduce new readers to my romances and to allow existing fans to re-read some of their favorite scenes.


Body Talk blurb

Sometimes the best way to say ‘I love you’ is through touch…

Remember when your favorite paperback books used to naturally open to the scenes you’d read over and over, the ones that made you laugh, tugged your heart or got you hot and bothered? In Body Talk, USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has compiled full-chapter excerpts of the sexiest scenes from her most popular and favorite erotic romances. These story excerpts will tug at your heart, captivate your imagination, and stir your senses. You’ll visit the familiar…and escape to the unexpected in a variety of subgenres including: contemporary romance, BDSM/spanking romance, science fiction romance, romantic comedy, and even a historical romance selection.

Come share some tender, erotic moments in some of Cara’s beloved stories.


An excerpt from Trapped with the Cyborg from Body Talk

Cyberoperative Amanda Mansfield is supposed to rendezvous with her mission partner “Samson” at the Darius 4 Pleasure Resort before going undercover and infiltrating an enemy planet. The mission is extremely dangerous and there’s a good chance she might not make it home alive. While she waits for her partner to show up, she picks up a man at the bar for what might be her last fling.

“What happens on Darius 4, stays on Darius 4,” he said.

“Good policy,” she agreed, relieved. Tonight’s adventure would remain here. Anonymity suited her purpose to a T. She didn’t know his full name, and he didn’t have hers. No ties. No entanglements. Don’t wish for more than you can get, and you don’t get crushed by disappointment.

Hidden fans swished the humidity-controlled air so it breezed over her skin like a caress, but it was the heat emanating from his body that created an indelible impression, his warm scent adding fuel to her smoldering libido. Her stomach fluttered, and her tight nipples ached. Between her legs, moisture pooled.

“My room is in here.” He gestured to a giant glass tree. The hotel.

An ascender rose from the trunk-like lobby to upper hallways branching out over the garden. Green individual room pods dangled from the glass limbs. From the outside, you couldn’t see in. But, from the inside, you had an owl’s eye view of the garden. “We’re staying in the same place,” she murmured.

“Convenient.” He flashed a smile.

Too much so. What would she say if she ran into him in the morning while waiting for the lift? But why worry about that now when they hadn’t done anything yet. What happens on Darius 4, stays on Darius 4. Clever. The resort should use it in their marketing materials.

They entered the ascender. Her heart thumped. I’m going to do this! Everything inside her body fluttered or throbbed. He reached to palm the screen to activate the lift then halted. Blue eyes, heated and piercing, fixed on her face. “Perhaps we should get something out of the way.”

“What?” she asked.

“This.” He slid his hand under the weight of her hair to cup her nape. His head came down, and she had to tilt her head back, not a little, but a lot. He slanted his mouth over hers and pulled her against his body. She’d admired his height but hadn’t considered what it would mean to hug a man taller than her. How petite his size would make her feel. How…protected. What kind of bullshit was that? The idea knocked her off-kilter, and she clutched at his shoulders for balance. Firm, thick muscles tempted her fingers to knead.

Her breasts, nipples beaded, pressed against his chest. Warm, masculine scent filled her nostrils. On a moan, she parted her lips.

Raspy stubble grazed her jaw. His breath warmed her already-heated face. His smile was crooked, but there was nothing lopsided in how his mouth moved over hers. He kissed like a man on a mission. Deliberate. Thorough. When he released her, her breath came in little pants. If a single kiss could have that effect… This is crazy. Call it off while you still can.

“Why did you do that?” She resisted the urge to touch her throbbing lips. Boy, that man could kiss. But he hadn’t asked. He’d just done it.

“It’s why we’re here, right?”

He attracted her, but for all the wrong reasons—and all the right ones. For a one-night hookup? He was hard-bodied, grinning perfection. As a long-term lover, he wouldn’t do at all. She assumed control—in her professional and personal life. She didn’t jump to do any man’s bidding—they answered to her. She set the pace and the standard. If they couldn’t accept her terms, well, plenty of others did. Some of them, anyway. The point was, she didn’t get attached. Didn’t build castles in the sky. Didn’t have to worry whether she would measure up. A decorated commander in the Terran Armed Forces, she’d never failed at anything, despite what her father believed. The men she allowed into her life needed to worry if they met her standards.



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USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes erotic romance in several subgenres. Her romances have ranked no. 1 in science fiction romance, BDSM erotica, and holiday fiction on Amazon. No matter what the subgenre, her books are character-driven stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine and a touch of humor. Besides her list of fiction credits, she is the author of Naughty Words for Nice Writers, a sex scene thesaurus for romance writers. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

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