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Reviewed by Riley

About Tainted Bride

Only trust can save her….

Sailing to London, Sophia Braighton only hopes to escape certain ruin. But when she arrives, her Great Aunt Daphne has other plans for the American-born beauty. Determined to marry off her niece to a man of means, she propels Sophia into London society, not knowing that the young woman’s trust in men is shattered. In fact, Sophia never expects to ever feel anything for a man. Then again, she never expects to find herself in the company of the dashing earl of Marlton….

From the moment he sees Sophia, Daniel Fallon feels alive in a way he has not since his broken engagement. Though the vulnerable beauty shies from the passion burning bright between them, Daniel is determined to court her and make her his bride. And when he learns of the painful secret she harbors, he is equally determined to take revenge on the man responsible. But will the quest destroy him—and his future with his beloved?


Review of Tainted Bride

The heroine of Tainted Bride, Sophia Braighton, is a stereotypical young American woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t follow the social convention of being a shy young member of the ton looking for a husband. It seems there no shy Americans in historical fiction that takes place in Europe. Sophie is bold, honest and friendly. A very likeable young woman, who draws the attention of more than one young English gentleman.

Not only is Sophia not demure, but she also has no desire to get married. But her parents sent her to endure a season with her Aunt Daphne, and endure it she will. Enter the dashing Earl of Marlton, Daniel Fallon. The bold American meets the proper Englishman. And yes, there is a bit of attraction at first sight.  There is a bit of fun chemistry between these two that had me cheering for them from the beginning.

Just so you know, Daniel is not really interested in finding a wife. It becomes obvious that both Sophia and Daniel have a history. The questions being: how will that history come out and how will it affect the pair.

The story started out very romance oriented, which to me was not super interesting. But then it surprised me. The tale gained complexity and things got interesting. Lets just say a particularly nasty person from Sophie’s past appears and she will not be able to avoid facing up to what she has tried to forget.

On the way to that exciting end of the story, I met a few characters that endeared themselves to me. Aunt Daphne is the dower aunt who is tough and opinionated but quickly proves to be kind-hearted. Dorthea becomes a fast friend to Sophia despite an initial contentious meeting. She reminds me a bit of Daphne in that she takes no crap. But she is young and, I am sure, has more adventures in store. And finally, Michael. He is a key character and is a friend to both the hero and the heroine. He needs a happy ending.

I am going to assume I will have the opportunity to meet them again in a future book. In the meantime, Tainted Bride is the perfect introduction to the new series, Forever Brides, that you will enjoy if historical romance is your thing.

Through NetGalley, the author provided a copy of Tainted Bride so that I could bring you this honest review.



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