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World Domination for Cats by Tobe Fonseca

This print makes me giggle.   I’m not sure why a cat would need to read a book to figure out how to dominate humans.  They seem to be naturals at it.

Art available at Society 6.

The world domination theme kind of ties into the audiobook I am listening to this week.  Except, in the book there are dragons instead of cats.  This week, I’ve been listening to The Dark Lord’s Handbook by Paul Dale.  Very funny, it makes great fun of so many archetypical fantasy characters and themes.  The narration by Gildart Jackson really brings out the silliness.

On my e-reader, I am ready for some historical romance.  So this weekend, I’ll be reading Destined for a King by Ashlyn MacNamara.

What are you reading this weekend?