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Siodachan by Nana Leonti

Siodachan, otherwise know as Atticus O’Sullivan, is the world’s last living druid, 20 centuries old and communicates telepathically with his Irish wolfhound Oberon.  Based on The Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne.

Art available at Society 6.

The upcoming Pets in Space anthology (releasing in October) has me thinking about other books that have animals in them.  Pets, companions, sidekicks, heroes and heroines.  Whatever you like to call them, animals have the potential to add 100% more entertainment to any story.

The Iron Druid series has Oberon.  Oberon is funny, smart and hip to all the latest pop culture.  Well, maybe not all of it.  Oberon loves stories.  Atticus happens to be great at telling stories and so, they make the perfect pair.  I started the series a few years back, listening to the audiobooks.  It’s been a couple years since I read a book in the series, but, inspired by the Pets in Space publicity, I’m ready to get back to it.

This week I checked the library’s consortium that lends e-books and audiobooks.  Bingo!  The Iron Druid series is available there in both forms.  So this week, I am listening to Tricked by Kevin Hearne.


What are you reading this weekend?