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Whiskey With My Book is having a Veronica Scott kind of week!  Two of Veronica’s books are being featured in book reviews this week.  Today, Hostage to the Stars,  and on Wednesday, KJ Van Houten reviews Trapped on Talonque.  I hope you enjoy both reviews!


Review of Hostage to the Stars


Hostage to the StarsWith each Sectors book I read, I learn more about and am further intrigued by the universe that Veronica Scott has created in her Sectors SF Romance books. This time, Hostage to the Stars reveals something about a futuristic universe that, frankly, I don’t want anything to do with. That is, if you travel, you better have Kidnap and Ransom insurance.  Or nobody is going to care what happens to you if the unthinkable happens. You get kidnapped by pirates.

I wonder how expense K&R insurance is.  Paying for baggage on my airline flights now seems like such a minor expense.

Sara Bridges can’t afford K&R insurance, so when she is taken by pirates, rescue seems impossible.  But Sgt. Johnny Danver is a man of integrity. When he hears that the pirates still have an uninsured kidnapped woman, he refuses to leave her behind. What follows is a tale of danger, adventure, romance and a bit of mysticism.

Speaking of mysticism, that is one of the things in the Sectors books that keeps me coming back for more. What I call mysticism is probably just science to a more advanced race. But I like the mysterious events that evoke thoughts of that advanced race – and they are there in Hostage to the Stars. That’s all you get on that subject, unless you read the book. If you have read other Sectors books, you know what I am talking about. Like I said, it just makes me want to read more.

I enjoyed the tale of escape and adventure for Sara and Johnny in Hostage to the Stars. The trek to get away from the bad guys and find a safe passage off the planet will entail perilous situations for both the hero and heroine. Danger is a constant. But so is hope.

There are no slow moments in this book!

Each minute of the journey brings Sara and Johnny closer together until the inevitable happens. Hey, this is a romance, so no spoiler there. While they travel to find a safe haven, there is a lot of mutual admiration of both physical and character traits. Then, boom!  Love. When I say ‘boom’ I mean that it came on too fast. For me. One minute they were admiring each other’s physical attributes and the next minute the ‘L’ word was spoken. I felt like I missed something in between. Honestly though, that is a small annoyance in an otherwise very enjoyable story.

If you are a Veronica Scott fan, I’m quite certain, you will like Hostage to the Stars. If you have not read any of her books, Hostage to the Stars is as good a place to start as any. It is a quick read and any information from previous books that you need to know, you will be able to read about. I truly enjoyed Hostage to the Stars!

I must read more Veronica Scott books…..

Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


About Hostage to the Stars

He rescued her from space pirates … but can he keep them both safe from the far greater evil stalking a deserted planet?

Space travel without Kidnap & Ransom insurance? Not a good idea. University instructor and researcher Sara Bridges can’t afford it, so when pirates board her cruise liner, she’s taken captive along with the mistress of a wealthy man, and brought to a deserted planet. When a military extraction team sent to rescue the mistress refuses to take Sara too, she’s left to the mercies of a retired Special Forces soldier, along as consultant.

Reluctantly reactivated and coerced into signing up for the rescue operation to the planet Farduccir where he once was deployed, Sgt. Johnny Danver just wants to get the job done. But when the team leader leaves one captured woman behind, he breaks away to rescue her himself.

As Johnny and Sara traverse the barren landscape, heading for an abandoned base where they hope to call Sectors Command for help, they find villages destroyed by battle and stripped of all inhabitants. A lone survivor tells a horrific tale of the Sectors’ alien enemy, the Mawreg, returning after being pushed out …

Searching for evidence to give the military, Johnny is captured. He regains consciousness in a Mawreg cage–with Sara next to him. Death is preferable to what the aliens will do to them… And even if they do escape their captors, can they alert the military in time to prevent another invasion of the Sectors?

Standalone sequel to Mission To Mahjundar (mild spoilers for Mahjundar in this story.)



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