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Wraith by Vaahlkult

This print reminds me of an audiobook I am currently listening to.  Destroyer by Chris Fox.  The title of the print, Wraith, is the name given to the evil invaders in the book.  It is not the image I have associated with them.  But the tiger in a space suit reminds me of the Tigris, the race of spacefarers that have a tenuous agreement with humans to combat the wraiths.  At this point in my listening, it is not looking rosy for the good guys.

Art available at Society 6.

At any time, I usually have several books going.  One on my e-reader, which is typically what gets featured here, since that is my go-to form of reading.  I also listen to audiobooks and read print books.  Each form has its time and place.

This week I am going to feature a couple of books that are not on my e-reader.  I’ve already mentioned the audiobook Destroyer by Chris Fox.  Book 1 in the Void Wraith trilogy, Destroyer is military scifi with lots of action and intrigue.  The second featured book is the print book I’m currently reading – Book 1 in the Glittering Edge series, Edge of Dark by Brenda Cooper.  It is also scifi and also features some scary invaders in the far future and, ooh, is good!  I anticipate continuing both series.

What are you reading this weekend?

DestroyerEdge of Dark