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Sand & StormIn Sand & Storm, Patty Jansen’s writing is evocative and inspiring. Her world building, which began in the Icefire Trilogy necessarily continues to evolve in the new series where the destruction of the ancient machine has caused the reshaping of the planet’s ecology. This is a fascinating world populated with people as varied as the climates. Read this book for the amazing world alone.

Intrigue-filled fantasy fills the pages as the ongoing changes to the world continue to plague its inhabitants. Seemingly separate story lines will intertwine and blend. The point of view alternates between a variety of characters that represent all walks of life in this world.

Despite the variety of characters, I did not find anyone that I actually liked. Isandor will not stand up to his sister. Javes only wants to go home. Zaina is in a difficult situation that made me worry for her, but still, she did not have a personality that I admired. Many will say that the story demands these types of characters and I would not disagree. But I need a likeable character to carry me through the book.

If you have not read the Icefire Trilogy, that’s okay. There is enough backstory provided to get you caught up. If you have read the Icefire Trilogy and enjoyed it, I think you will really like Sand & Storm. Either way, for fantasy lovers, Sand & Storm is worth checking out.

The author provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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