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Before She Wakes

About Before She Wakes

You’ve never read bedtime stories like these. RITA Award finalist Sharon Lynn Fisher blends dark erotic romance, fantasy, and science fiction in these bold tales of seduction and sensual awakening. . . .

After swallowing an acorn sweetmeat, Sylva is transported to a fantastical forest and begins training as a nymph at the behest of her faun master. But before she earns the right to please him, she must complete three tantalizing trials.

On the king’s orders, a mercenary has come to ransack the village of Roussillon. But when he confronts the town’s defender, the dragonmaid Isabeau, he is overwhelmed by the most fiery passions—for this rogue is, in fact, a dragon-shifter.

Pearl is a captive of Master Raven—part man, part crow, part machine. And as she submits to the curious probing of the dark-winged inventor, Pearl discovers that her body responds with an all-too-human demand: desire.

Dragged beneath a fairy pool by a mechanical horse, Vivi finds herself held prisoner by an alchemist claiming to be Merlin himself. Now, to escape an ancient curse, she must play the wanton seductress—and use her body to secure the release she craves.

In the bayou that covers the long-ago flooded city of New Orleans, Willa uses light to keep her safe from the creepers. She never expected that light to take the form of a brightly glowing man—an enigmatic lover who ignites the flame within.

In post-apocalyptic Ireland, a virgin gives her hand in marriage to broker peace with a genetically modified race. But when a human rival challenges the dark prince’s claim, so begins a duel that will push the fair maiden to the limits of pleasure.

Before She Wakes is intended for mature audiences.


Before She Wakes by Sharon Lynn Fisher is a delicious collection of steamy fairy-tale-like stories. No two tales are even remotely alike, the uniqueness of each story marking it as a Sharon Lynn Fisher original. Unexpected twists, alluring characters and beautiful storytelling will appeal to many readers if they like a little hotness thrown into the mix. From the dreamlike quality of The Garden Rules to the earthiness of the bayou in Willa and the Wisp, each enticing setting wraps itself around characters who, in turn, transform the enticing into exotic. I loved the ambiance of each and every one of the six tales in this collection.

Rather than tell you about all six stories, I thought I’d zero in on one. It was hard to pick a favorite in this book, but Raven Takes a Pearl, with it’s steampunk setting, is the one that was most vivid to me. The heroine, Pearl, is on a quest to recover a piece of rose quartz that belonged to her mother. So she sets out for the Raven’s keep, expecting to confront a monster. As mythical ravens are wont to do, he has collected bits and pieces of shiny things and filled the moat surrounding his keep with those glittering objects. Pearl plans to find her mother’s quartz in that moat.

When Pearl travels to the keep to face Raven, both will learn that the other is – quite unexpected! Raven is a hero that is naïve and yet not naïve. He has unexpected wisdom, yet his knowledge of people seems to be filled with gaps and Pearl presents an opportunity to learn more about how things work. Pearl is also curious about man with wings. I will leave you to imagine how Raven and Pearl go about gaining knowledge, but I think you will appreciate their methodology.

Edward ScissorhandsWhen I was reading Raven Takes a Pearl, I thought about the early scenes of the 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands. The atmosphere of the keep’s laboratory is reminiscent of Edward’s creator’s castle. Raven’s naïvete, also reminded me of Edward’s child-like interest in the world. But wings and the ability to fly are so much more exciting than the ability to give a fancy haircut!  A Danny Elfman score would nicely set off Raven and Pearl’s story.

All six stories in this collection have the same vivid imagery that I found in Raven Takes a Pearl. Each tale also has its own cast of fascinating characters taking part in a compelling fantasy. Sensual, creative, rich and captivating, Before She Wakes is an eloquent collection of erotic tales of fantasy. Highly recommended!

Through NetGalley, the author provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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Sharon Lynn FisherAbout the Author

An RWA RITA Award finalist and a three-time Golden Heart Award finalist, Sharon Lynn Fisher writes stories for the geeky at heart — meaty mash-ups of sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, and romance, with no apology for the latter. She lives where it rains nine months of the year, and she has a strange obsession with gingers (down to her freaky orange cat).