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Cat Family by Nicky2342

As a cat lover, every now and then, it is my duty to post some cat art.  This cat family has reached out to me and said “Introduce us to some book lovers.”  (Translation for those of you that speak the language: Meow…mew, meow, meow.)

Art available at Society 6.

Maybe I went for the cat art because our outdoor cats have been taking a great deal of my time lately. So I have cats in the forefront of my brain.  Hemi has stomatis and currently requires daily steroid shots.  She has figured out what happens when a syringe shows up, so I sneak up on her while she is munching.  When she is eating, she is relaxed and barely notices the shot.  Chewbacca was losing weight, though I think we have that problem figured out.  He is putting on the pounds.  Well maybe just pound so far.  But eventually, the mama’s boy is not going to be picked up as easily as he is now.  And Han Solo did what you would expect a space pirate to do.  Got into trouble.  He ended up with a broken leg which has been amputated.  Han is doing great now though – hopping along on three legs.  I doubt that handicap will keep him from his mousing duties.

So between trips to the vet and a new job, my reading slacked off a bit this week.  I am still reading Anna Lee Huber’s As Death Draws Near.  Which is proving to live up to the delightfulness standard set by the rest of the books in the series!

As Death Draws Near


What are you reading this weekend?