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Brielle’s business needs a boost and she is wary of her current candidates. But when she meets Eric Windsor, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse with only one condition: she venture on a journey with him to help find something for him. As details of the mission are revealed to her after she’s already agreed, she begins to wonder if she did it for the right reasons by following her heart or just because of a handsome face. Her emotions conflict with her mind and sense of reality while her faith is put to the ultimate test when she realizes things about herself that she never knew was possible.

It starts as a simple business need for capital to expand CEO Briellyn Donado’s business. Two candidates step forward, both more than willing to fund her. Brie’s partnership with Eric Windsor is more than just business though. He needs her for a greater mission.

Brie was very willing go help Eric out with his other mission. After quickly signing investor #2’s contract without studying it, Brie immediately hires an interim CEO based on a very brief interview of a candidate recommend by Eric who she barely knew. At this point I really questioned Brie’s business acumen and common sense, leaving a newly cash-infused business to a complete stranger. However, this appears to play no part in the larger story, so I soon forgot about it and let myself be entertained by the adventure.

Adventure is a good word for what happens during the remainder of the book. Eric’s mission will have them traveling all over the world before it is done. Along the way Brie will discover who she is. Both Eric and Brie have supernatural abilities, which will have you wondering what they really are. They are joined by several others who provide all the support the mission will need and each brings their own talents to the mission.

There are a lot of characters in the mission group. I really liked the ensemble feel. I would like to get to know some of them better and that may happen in a future book in the series.

In The Great Balance, the future of humanity is at risk. Exactly why is stated but kind of glossed over. A little more detail would be great. Only one woman can save humanity. And Brie just happens to be that woman. There is quite a bit about prophecy and the fulfillment of that which has been foretold. But the actual prophesies are teasingly doled out bit by bit which allows for a surprise here and there.

Everything the heroine needs to know to do her job is also doled out bit by bit. I found a CEO heroine that just let that happen to be a bit annoying. I really wanted her to have it out with Eric and make him tell her EVERYTHING. She was way too easy going about the situation if you ask me. On the other hand, she was falling in love with Eric. Judgement clouded?

Eric, rich, powerful, and confident, and just maybe a little unsure where Brie was concerned. Should he or shouldn’t he. Yes, he was very attracted to her, but no, it would never work between them (for reasons I can’t disclose without a spoiler). It took Eric a while to make up his mind how he was going to handle the Brie relationship. Call it a slow moving, but intense relationship that was nicely interwoven into the rest of the adventure.

Barbanon is the bad guy. I am not going to say too much about him to avoid spoilers. But I’m not exactly sure what his motivation is other than basic survival. Did I need to know more to enjoy this first book. Probably not. Would I like to know more. Absolutely. I do like a really good bad guy!

This books is written in first person, present tense, occasionally switching from Brie’s point of view to someone else’s. The shifts are labeled. It is an usual style and took some getting used to. In many cases though, the first person perspective became omniscient, narrating about things that happened out of Brie’s line of sight even as she continued to narrate. This bugged me, probably more than it needed to.

The Great Balance tells a complete story, but also leaves the reader with many questions. There were characters whose intentions were not entirely clear (Brie’s friend Eryn and investor #2 Fiorello), so they may have a future role. By the end of the story, one of Eric’s crew will be possessed without the others realizing it. That does not sound good does it? There is plenty of dramatic and romantic fuel for the next book in the series. I would really like to see some of the other characters, get a bigger role in a future book. Especially Kalil (hint, hint).

T. A. Davenport’s The Great Balance is an ambitious debut novel.  It is multi-faceted story with fascinating complex characters. I would call it paranormal romance with a touch of fantasy.  This first book in a new series is a truly enjoyable read!

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