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I reviewed The Champion of Baresh by Susan Grant for Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance.

Smart Girls love SciFi


The Champion of Barésh is a story of the underdog vs. life. Jemm Aves is the underdog, living on a backwater colony planet where only the wealthy and privileged have any hope of living a comfortable life. As a transport driver for the mines during the day, she barely manages to support her family. But at night, disguised as a young man, Jemm rocks Barésh’s underworld bajha games. Using all the lessons her father taught her and her own innate talent, Jemm can’t be beat.

Why does Jemm need to disguise herself as the man Kes (short for Sea Kestrel)? A woman doesn’t play bajha because it is an ancient game, devised by the wealthy royal families as a path to a higher state of consciousness to practice their warrior skills. Women aren’t warriors.  They must be protected. Can you see where this is going?

Jemm/Kes doesn’t care about the…

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