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Today I am featuring the latest in Marie Dry’s Zrygin Warriors series.  Alien Betrayed was released on 6/9/16 and is number three in this SciFi Romance series.  Keep reading to learn about a gift card giveaway.

Alien Betrayed

In a bleak and apocalyptic future, where the Zyrgin Warriors are getting ready to conquer Earth, Marcie is sent to infiltrate the alien stronghold in the Rocky Mountains, only to be betrayed by her own people. Instead of stealing the alien’s technology and accomplishing her mission of causing mayhem and destruction among them, she is captured by Larz, an arrogant alien, who wreaks havoc with her heart when he insists that she will be his woman. Still, he may no longer want her when he discovers her secrets…ones she doesn’t even know she has.


Interested?  I’ve got an excerpt here to tempt you further:


She didn’t know who she was, or where she was, but she knew that something was terribly wrong……

She saw the monster crouch over her as though through a tunnel. His green and copper skin distorted and, for one hellish moment, huge teeth filled her whole vision.

She managed to stop that awful screaming, to close her mouth.

Move, she shouted at her body. She tried to inch away from him, to jump out of the bed, but her blood had turned to lead, her body to stone. She tried to mumble the prayer her mother had taught her. Only ragged breaths escaped. Her lips wouldn’t shape words.

“You had a bad dream?” The fact that it spoke English made it even scarier.

Large incisors framed by his savage face, gleaming in the faint light. The color of his eyes changed, with red tendrils slowly creeping into the black.

Terrible screams bounced against the sinister looking silver walls and echoed.

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Quiet, human.”

She thought she saw him shake his head, but she was too panicked to really register anything. She was the one making that terrible noise again. She kept screaming. Maybe if she screamed loud enough, she’d wake up.

“Quiet,” he roared.

She stopped briefly, saw him lift a hand tipped with terrible claws, and screamed again, harder this time. He could kill her with one slice of those claws. Maybe now that he’d had his way with her that was his plan.

“Marcie, stop screaming or I’ll make you.”

She stopped and stared at him. “Who’s Marcie?”

He leaned down, his chest pressed into her. He was warm, his skin leathery with the muscles very pronounced. “What game are you playing, human?”

This couldn’t be happening. She looked around, hoping she’d see her own bedroom with her father just down the hall. He was the sheriff. He didn’t love her, but he would protect her.

She pushed against the thing and could’ve cried in relief when it moved back. She threw off the soft metal-like blanket covering her and jumped out of bed. She whimpered when she looked down and saw her naked body. Clutching her arms around herself she glanced around, frantic for something to cover her body. Everywhere she turned, gleaming silver walls surrounded her with no windows and no door.

It had to be some kind of cage where his kind kept humans. But to what end? What if she was an after-sex snack?


If you need more, there is a link to chapter 1 on Marie’s website.  If you are ready to buy, here is the Amazon US link to Alien Betrayed, as well as Alien Mine and Alien Under Cover, books 1 and 2 in the series.

Alien Mine

Alien Under Cover
Alien Betrayed







For additional purchase links, check out Marie’s website.



Personally, I think aliens bring no small amount of interest to a story.  What about you?  Do you have a favorite alien (TV, movie or book)?  Comment below about your favorite alien(s) or just say ‘Hi’.  One random commenter will win a $10 Amazon gift card courtesy of Marie Dry.  Hey, that’s enough to buy all three Zrygin Warriors books!  Or whatever you like – :).  Cutoff for comments for the giveaway is 11:59 PM CDT on Friday, June 17.


Marie Dry


Author Bio:
Ever since she can remember Marie Dry wanted to travel. She had had the privilege of living in Zambia, Morocco, and Spain and sees herself as a bit of a gypsy. Every few years she gets restless and has to be some place new.

All her life she has read romances and was fairly young when she decided she would write the perfect story that had all the elements she looked for in a romance. In 1997 she shared a pizza with a friend. She promised her friend to go all out with her writing and get published. With her friends cheering her on ever since, Dry found it a wonderful experience to see the characters in her head coming to life on the page. So being published by Black Opal Books is a dream come true for her.

There are several wonderful moments in her life that she would never trade for anything. One of them is meeting President Nelson Mandela and the second being published.

Find Marie at her website: http://www.mariedry.com/.

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