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Release day of Anna Lee Huber’s A Pressing Engagement is here! Fans of Lady Darby rejoice! Today is the day we get to see Kiera marry the man that can give her the happiness that she deserves. Today is the day we see Kiera and Sebastian happily wed!

If you read A Study in Death, you might remember that at the end, Kiera hinted that the wedding does not go smoothly. In fact there are a few challenges in the couple of days before the wedding. But those challenges are nothing that Kiera and Gage can’t handle. As they are wont to do, Kiera and Gage run about town, getting answers to the questions that they can’t help but ask. This curious couple is one of my favorites in literature.

Other Lady Darby favorites are back in A Pressing Engagement. Bonnie Brock Kincaid. One of those ambiguous characters. Oh, he is definitely of the criminal element, but he has his charm. If you admired him in the past, you will be happy to know he is back. And I don’t think we have seen the last of him. Then there is Earl Grey. When Kiera’s dear cat starts acting up, something is afoot. Throughout the series, that subtle touch of Earl Grey has always added a homey element to the stories.

A Pressing Engagement is meant for the devoted readers of the Lady Darby series. It is not as much of a mystery as other books in this series, but more of an intermission, to be enjoyed. So sit back.  Relax. This will make you smile!

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Lady Darby readers – mark your calendar now.  July 5, 2016 is release date for As Death Draws Near, #5 in the Lady Darby mysteries!