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Yesterday’s Friday the 13th post from Smart Girls. A new SciFi series I just may have to follow.

Smart Girls love SciFi

The Rule of Luck

Today is Friday the 13th. To some people, the unluckiest day of the year. But what if luck has nothing to do with, well, luck. Some people seem to have all the luck while others have none. What if there is a reason for that? In Catherine Cerveny’s The Rule of Luck, that theory is explored with interesting results.

Felicia Sevigny loves her job as a Tarot card reader. She is very good at it, able to see into people’s lives with uncanny accuracy. Or is she just lucky? When Russian Consortium heir apparent Alexei Petriv seeks a reading from Felicia, she senses a connection that is confirmed by both her gut and the cards. But these two would seem to have nothing in common and when Alexei leaves Felicia’s shop, she is sure she has seen the last of him. This beginning scene is full of portents and sets…

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