Portals-promoPortals is the inspiration of several clever members of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade.  In each volume, you will find the first chapter of 10 different Science Fiction Romance books.  Volume One of the highly anticipated Portals project is now available.  Think you want to read some SciFi Romance, but don’t know where to start?  For the extremely low price of FREE, Portals is better than a trip to the bookstore.

At intervals of approximately 2 weeks, the four volumes will be released.  The books included were grouped by their heat levels as follows:

Volume One – A universe where stories will contain some explicit love scenes.

Volume Two – Worlds with frequent hot and fiery romance, in scenes described using more graphic language than in Volume One.

Volume Three – Landscapes with sensual, less graphic love scenes than those found in Volume One or Two.

Volume Four – Dimensions with an all-encompassing romantic blend, from mildest to hottest love scenes.

In these first chapter samplings, you will find a wide assortment of worlds, civilizations, aliens, timelines, spacecraft and technology.  I’m sure you will find the perfect portal to step through to find the SciFi Romance you need to read next!

Volume One includes the first chapters from:

Vin’s Rules by Lyn Brittan

Enemy Within by Marcella Burnard

The Felig Chronicles by P.J. Dean

Trouble in Mind by Donna S. Frelick

Inherit the Stars by Laurie A. Green

Hot Pursuit: Huntress of the Star Empire Episode 1 by Athena Grayson

Removed by SJ Pajonas

Morgan’s Choice by Greta van der Rol

Mission to Mahjundar by Veronica Scott

Shades of Treason by Sandy Williams

If you read chapter one and decide you want to read the rest of the book, look for a buy link right after the end of the chapter.  In addition, after each excerpt, the authors offer a bit of insight regarding the book, characters, series and themselves.

I recommend investigating the Portals website.  There you will find more information about the Portals project – including information from the team that produced the collection, links for all the authors involved in the project, and a special greeting from Sender Najan, the hunky Portal Keeper pictured on the cover of each volume.  Check it out here.

Now for the important part – where to find Portals Volume One. Here are the links:





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