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Bring Me to Ruin is a fantastic debut novel for Tess Rider. Recommended if you enjoy SciFi, Steampunk, Fantasy, Romance – or all of the above!

Smart Girls love SciFi

The existence of humanity is threatened in a future earth. In 2147, a small group of humans is holding out against Scheherazade and her army of ghosts. Vastly outnumbered, they are protected by a time bubble that is powered by a the last living time mage, Cole. But time has splintered and Cole is dying. The protection of the bubble is threatened and the people that live there are looking to the General to keep them safe.

But the General is running out of resources and time. He is the leader the Cazadores de los Muertos, the Dead Hunters, and with them, he protects the community from the ghosts. When Thea Maloney shows up from 1969, he is immediately suspicious of the stranger as any good leader would be. But he is also immediately attracted to her. This will be a dilemma for the General.

Thea is scared. Thrust into a…

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