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I reviewed Deadlocked by Libby Sinclair on Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance. Deadlocked has only 91 pages, has more than enough to keep me interested.

Smart Girls love SciFi

Brielle Connors, fired from her job with the Cavaliers and apparently from the relationship she had with her boss, is left to her own devices. Her goal, prove to her former boss/boyfriend that he was an idiot to let her go. How to do that. Hmm.

Through, how shall I put it, clever determination (i.e. outright theft), Brielle manages to come up with the location of a mythical Xerian ship. Thought to have been lost during the war that ended decades ago, the ship and it’s payload are the find of the century (or whatever passes for a very long time in the Deadlocked universe). But Finn Strydom, an alluring, sea-green-skinned alien acquaintance/competitor, is already on the ship when Brielle docks. At this point, things get interesting. When I say interesting, I mean quite a few things. Amorous activities, capture by aliens, release, separation, a new job, another war. And some…

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