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If you like SFR with cyborgs, I recommend Cara Bristol’s Cy-Ops series. I reviewed book 3 in the series for Smart Girls.

Smart Girls love SciFi

Recommend by: Riley

Captured by the Cyborg was my introduction to Cara Bristol’s Cy-Ops series.  Third in the series, this standalone short novel is a fun read and hits all the right buttons for the SciFi Romance reader.  There is a sexy hero, beautiful heroine, powerful attraction and for the icing on the cake, an insane ex-husband.

Running from her ex, Illumina Smith is lucky to land a job working at a super-secret factory, below the surface of the moon Deceptio.  She is hired to find the bug in the current pet project of owner Dale Homme, and as a computer sensate, she can deliver.  Dale is a retired Cy-Ops agent and his cyber parts speak to the computer sensate Illumina, almost before their mutual attraction takes hold.  That attraction will have to be ignored though.  Dale doesn’t date employees and Illumina – well she has too many secrets.

I’m sure you know that ignoring…

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