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So, you’ve just turned the last page on a book you are really into. You loved it! The sad part is there is more to the story, and the next book won’t be out until next year. The good part – you just finished an awesome book! (That’s me, so I am sharing!)

Smart Girls love SciFi

Recommend by: Riley

The Tea Machine is one of the most unusual books I have read in a long time. I mean that in the best way!

There are two things that make this book unusual to me. The first is a strange and lovely combination of genres. Basically, it is a steampunk and romance. Then you add time travel. And since the time travel is both backward and forward and in time, historical and science fiction can be added to the list of genres. This combining of several of my favorite genres into one novel is a feat that I truly admire.

The second unusual trait about The Tea Machine is that, with the turn of a page, the story goes from serious, intense action where the heroines are facing danger around every corner to a less intense, danger-free, witty and absolutely hilarious conversations. As I was reading…

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