For fantasy lovers. I am most familiar with Linnea Sinclair as a writer of SciFi romance, but in February, she re-released Wintertide, the ages-past prequel to An Accidental Goddess. Fantasy and SciFi in the same story arc. I’m happy! I reviewed Wintertide for Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance.

Smart Girls love SciFi

WintertideIf you are a fan of author Linnea Sinclair, you might know all about Wintertide. A few years ago, as I was reading Ms. Sinclair’s SciFi romance novels, I became aware of Wintertide, but it was hard to find, so soon, I forgot all about it. Luckily for fans of Ms. Sinclair, recently Wintertide became very easy to find. After a re-release in February it found its way to my e-reader.

Khamsin’s story is a wonderful magical tale of adventure and realization. The child, Khamsin, was born during a dark magical storm and claimed by the powerful Sorcerer. She was raised by the wise old healer, lovingly called Tante Bronya. Bronya would devote herself to preparing Khamsin to face her destiny, though Khamsin has no idea what that will be.

Khamsin will take all of Tante Bronya’s teachings to heart. She will learn to seek wisdom and through…

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