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Whisky and GlassYou won’t find me in a bar today.  I’m just not much of a bar person.  But I will toast St. Patrick with an appropriate beverage!

Despite having an Irish sounding name, I am not Irish.  But there is much that comes from that part of the world that I admire.  Jameson Irish Whiskey is certainly one of the my favorite Irish products!

I love these artful renditions of the dedication of Jameson brewers to get their product out.  It is a long way from Ireland to Iowa, so I don’t think they are necessarily fictional!

jameson stormjameson octopusjameson bog

I also admit to being influenced by clever TV commercials.  I like to think the effort that goes into the advertising also goes into the whiskey making process.  Here is a very clever take on the myth of the Hawk of Achill.


How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?