If the prison planet setting is something you go for, you might like Trapped by Alison Aimes. After you read the review, you might also like to check out this post by Veronica Scott at Amazing Stories – Science Fiction Romance Goes to Space Prison.

Smart Girls love SciFi

TrappedAlison Aimes has hit the mark with her debut SciFi Romance novel Trapped. Strong on romance with an interesting SciFi setting, Trapped is about survival, sacrifice, love, hope and ultimately – salvation.

The setting is Dragath25, a desert planet that was turned into a prison world over 2,000 years ago.

The idea of this kind of a prison planet with no authority other than prisoners bothers me on a human level. The weak are doomed to a violent end. Some might say, ‘Why not? They are criminals.’ Sadly, in the future that this story takes place in, the elite Council descendants show little humanity toward anyone but themselves.

Only the strong survive. Prisoner 673 is one of the strong. He has set himself apart from the rest of the prisoners, one assumes, in an effort not to descend to their level. When he meets Cadet Bella West, he recognizes…

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