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In the category of ‘judge a book by its cover’, I have to say, the cover of Honor & Roses is beautiful. With no actual face revealed, the image of the heroine, Lady Cecily, looking over a garden gate toward, not a garden, but an entire countryside, one gets and idea of the honor of the Lady and that she takes her responsibilities to heart. Very nice.

I enjoyed this story of intrigue and romance in medieval times set against the English civil war between would be rulers Stephen and Maud. There are what might appear to be a few twists, though I found the plot direction to be predictable.

Still the characters, Cecily and Alric, made Honor & Roses a story worth reading. As heroine and hero, they are flawed and engaging. Their strengths and weaknesses play off each other in a way that convinces the reader they must be meant for each other.

The antagonists were not very interesting characters.  Had they been so, the intrigue aspect of the story would have captured my interest more than it did.  Without an interesting bad guy or two, I was left with just the romance aspect of the book.  I enjoyed the romance part a lot.  But I felt the book could have been a bit more, well, intriguing.

Overall, Honor & Roses is a lovely romance that will appeal to readers of medieval historical romance.

The author provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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