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A re-issue of Icy Passage will be released on Monday. Author Ann Gimpel has added additional material to this new version and it sports a great new cover. Here is my review from Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance.

Smart Girls love SciFi

Recommend by: Riley

When microorganisms cause the death of two people at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, microbiologist Brynn McMichaels is called. Currently stationed at South Georgia Island, Brynn has his own colony of microorganisms that are also acting abnormally. Odd that this abnormal activity occurred simultaneously in two isolated places, Brynn decides to investigate. That is how he ends up on the Russian research vessel Vladimir with Dr. Kayna Quan, both headed for McMurdo Station.

Dr. Kayna Quan is headed to a new job at McMurdo. When she hears that Brynn is bringing his strange cultures with him, she gets a bad feeling. Kayna’s psi talents give her uncanny intuition, so this feeling will not be ignored. As soon as they meet, there is a powerful attraction between Kayna and Brynn – also not to be ignored.

The backdrop for Icy Passage is a shiver-inspiring, frigidly cold environment.  It takes place during…

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