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I’m not sure about the title, but ‘delectable’ sounds, well, delectable!

Did you know that February 22 is officially recognized as National Margarita Day?  I don’t know who made it official.  It is not an official bank holiday.  I should know.  After years of working in that industry, I never got that particular day off.  It is not a school holiday.  I suppose some folks might think if it as a religious holiday, though I would not.

Do margaritas deserve a holiday?  I can’t think of a reason they wouldn’t.  They are delicious, refreshing and, most important of all, they are made with tequila!

If you do a web search on National Margarita Day, you can read all sorts of interesting facts about this lovely little beverage.  Here is an article I found especially interesting.  It talks about a margarita you can eat, rather than drink.  Sounds yummy!


Don’t forget the salt!

So have a margarita!  On the rocks, frozen, flavored or traditional.  Anyway you like, just celebrate the holiday!

What is your favorite margarita?