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Today is release day for the second book in Donna S. Frelick’s Interstellar Rescue series. I reviewed Trouble in Mind for Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance. Along with the first book, Unchained Memory, it is a series worth checking out, especially if you are into alien abduction and little gray men conspiracies….

Smart Girls love SciFi

Recommend by: Riley

Alana Matheson and Gabriel Cruz are a very hot pair in Trouble in Mind. In many ways.

FBI agent Alana gets hot under the collar when Gabriel, a civilian with special tracking skills, insists on being part of her investigation of the kidnapping of a woman and her young son. But together, they are hot on the trail of the bad guys. Alana ends up in hot water with her boss when a stakeout goes bad. And when Gabriel gets too close to Alana, she gets so angry, I could practically see the steam wafting out of her ears.

But most all, there is the hotness that comes from the sexual tension between the two. You had to know I was headed in that direction. The attraction is so powerful, Alana and Gabriel are helpless to stop it, as hard as they might try. So, reading Trouble in…

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