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In case you missed this post last week at Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance….

Smart Girls love SciFi

Recommend by: Riley

Fiona Russell is an architect without a home.

Abducted from Earth, she ends up on a Garmman ship where she is treated as a slave.  Fiona will do anything to change her circumstances. But when she is rescued by the Grih, she quickly senses that there is much more to the situation than she is being told. Unfortunately, nobody seems in a hurry to explain the stakes to her. Now she is a guest of the Grih, the human-like aliens in this part of the galaxy, but unsure what they want with her.

Hal Vakeri is a battleship captain in a situation rigged to explode into all out war.

While Hal is chasing pirates and shuttling diplomats, having Fiona on his ship totally messes with his logistical plans. As a former captive on a Garmman ship, her presence on the battleship Illium will only complicate the negotiations between…

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